Great Atmosphere And Friendly Staff

People who like going to restaurants know how the atmosphere and staff are equally important. No one wants to eat in a place where they have to wait, more than necessary, to get served or the service is just bad and the staff is impolite. A restaurant must make a guest feel wanted and cherished because that is one reason why people come to restaurants in the first place.

The other reason is the food. For all gourmands who like to eat and have a thing for beef, this will be a real surprise that will put a smile on your faces. You can now enjoy a beef restaurant that is specialized for beef meat dishes of all kinds, including Biltong made fresh by Australian company Bigwig Biltong.

delicious-mealsWhether you like stews, steaks or burgers, it is all the same to us. We use only the very best cuts of beef in order to bring you nothing but the top dishes with beef meat that will soothe your senses and make you remember those tastes for the rest of your lives. All meats are spiced up by our very own recipes designed and customized by our master chef who is an expert in beef meat.

Sirloin, filet or a rib-eye, the choice is yours, all you have to do is enjoy while we prepare the most delicious meals. The secret to a good beef meat dish is not only meat, it is also the vegetables and spices. Since we want nothing but the best and the tastiest for our guests, you can expect your produce cooked extremely well.

A feast for the senses

The trick to why our dishes taste so good lies in the fact that all of the dishes were cooked with absolute love. But that is not all. The key is in the prime quality beef meat. Now, this is the real reason why all the meals taste so delicious. Beef meat tends to get really soft and juicy while cooking, releasing the juices that are naturally spicing up the dish, giving it a full flavor. Tenderness, flavor, and juiciness are the three indicators of meat quality. We can certify that our beef is of the highest quality.

If you decide to pay us a visit, we offer only the most superior service that is matched only by our unrivaled culinary skills. Our restaurant will provide you with the unique dining experience. The steaks are the most popular because they are tender and juicy, especially when they are grilled to perfection by the most capable hands of our master chef who is a real magician when it comes to beef meat and the wonders of it. Every meal is a feast.